How to Train For Any Fitness Goal

Fitness Goal Focus Chart

All fitness goals usually fall into 2 categories. Aesthetic and/or performance. You can definitely get more specific than this, but these are the starting point. For example, If you want to lose fat or gain muscle, these would be aesthetic goals. If you want to get stronger or more athletic, these would be performance based goals. …

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How to Test Your Movement Quality

Squat Movement Test

I was 19 and ready to commit to getting stronger. I had lifted before, but really I was just moseying around the gym bullshitting. This time I was going to do things differently. I did my research and decided to do Starting Strength. Over the next 6 months, I got significantly stronger. Slowly, I started experiencing pain …

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How To Test Your Mobility

Hip Self Mobility Test

Mobility has blown up. 5 years ago, the word was barely uttered in the fitness world. Now, it’s everywhere. Years back, I was consumed with it. I thought it was the missing link in fitness. I thought everyone should be doing loads of mobility work. I eventually eased up on this concept. I realized mobility …

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