Durable. High Performing. Infinitely Capable.

Do you want to be….

  • pain-free and able to sustain the wear and tear of any activity?
  • able to pick up, push and pull heavy things?
  • able to sprint, jump, kick and throw at a high level?
  • able to walk, run, climb, or bike without getting completely gassed?

If you answered yes to all the following, stick around. If not, it’s best that you click away.

Still here? Good shit, let’s talk.

What’s Missing In Your Training

Let’s start with some simple definitions.

Movement: The ability to move efficiently
Strength: The ability to move forcefully
Speed: The ability to move quickly
Endurance: The ability to move repeatedly

Without even realizing it, you are likely focusing on one or two of these qualities in your training and completely disregarding the others.

Here are some examples…

If you just do pilates or yoga, you are developing movement but neglecting strength, speed, and endurance.

If you just lift weights, you are developing strength but neglecting movement, speed, and endurance.

If you just sprint or jump, you are developing speed but neglecting movement, strength, and endurance.

If you just run or bike biking you are developing endurance but neglecting movement, strength, and speed.

We could keep at it, but you get the point. None of these are poor training choices, but if solely focused on, they leave gaps in your durability and performance.

You may be thinking “does it really matter if I train for all these qualities?”

Why Movement Matters

  • Movement helps you get and stay out of pain. Poor and inefficient movement is often the root cause of pain. Learning to move efficiently can help alleviate pain and avoid it going forward.
  • Movement is your base for strength, speed, and endurance. Your ability to move efficiently is the foundation for moving repeatedly (endurance), moving with force (strength) or moving quickly (speed).
  • Movement improves your posture. Good posture is achieved when all the major joints in the body are neutral. Training joint movement in all ranges of motion helps to achieve this neutral position. Therefore, training to move well is training to improve posture.

Why Strength Matters

  • Strength improves your ability to pick up, push and pull heavy things.
  • Strength improves speed.
    If you are able to exert more force, the amount of force you can produce quickly becomes greater.
  • Strength assist with all aesthetic goals.
    Strength is the primary driver of muscle gain, which outside of diet, is the most contributor getting jacked and losing weight.

Why Speed Matters

  • Speed improves your ability to sprint, jump, throw, kick, etc.
    Even if you don’t compete or do anything explosive in your day to day life, you WILL need to be explosive at some point in time whether you want to or not (think emergency situations), why not be prepared?
  • Speed improves endurance.
    If you increase your top end speed, activities done at slower speeds require less effort. Less effort leads to less fatigue which means you can endure an activity for longer.

Why Endurance Matters

  • Endurance improves your ability to walk, run, row, bike, swim, etc for reasonable distances.
  • Endurance improves strength and speed.
    Increases in endurance improve your ability to recover between sets and sessions of speed and strength work. If you are able to recover quicker, you can do more speed and strength work and make greater increases in those areas.

What’s The All Terrain Training System

Aight, you understand the importance of each of these qualities and how do you train for them?

I struggled with this exact question in my own training and the training of my clients. Over time, I began to piece together answers that evolved into a complete training solution for beginner and intermediate trainees.

The All Terrain Training system simplifies the development and progression of movement, strength, speed, and endurance. It provides you with the means to build a durable, high-performing and in turn, infinitely capable body. 

Who’s This For?

This system is built for ANY beginner to intermediate trainee. If you fall into this category, you WILL progress in movement, strength, speed, and endurance using this system.

If you have aesthetic goals, this training system can definitely assist with this. However, please realize nutrition should be a strong focus because training only plays a small role. Any training program or system that promises otherwise is bullshit.

If you are an advanced trainee with specific goals, don’t waste time with this or any other programs on the internet. You have very individualized needs and your program must reflect this. Hire a coach.

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