Your Workout Sucks, Here’s Why

It wasn’t designed for you. It’s that simple.

Your workout is likely a cookie cutter program. Something designed for the masses. The truth is, some of these programs do provide good information and decent workouts. But, they are far from ideal and can often be counter productive.

Workouts Designed for the Masses are a Poor Choice

Your body is highly individual. Your flexibility, mobility and strength level is unique. You may have similarities to others, but it wouldn’t make sense to lump you together with everyone else.The exercise protocol that will most benefit you, may not be ideal for another person and vice verse.

Make sense?

How About an Example

Let’s say your quads are significantly stronger than your  hamstrings. You do a basic workout that doesn’t take this into account. You get stronger, but the imbalance between hamstrings and quads remains the same. You have effectively put strength on top of a dysfunction. The dysfunction has now been amplified.

This example can be applied to flexibility and mobility as well. If you can’t do a full body weight squat while maintaining proper alignment, then putting weight on your back and trying to squat doesn’t make sense. You would get stronger through an incorrect range of motion and increase the likely-hood of injury.

Your Ideal Workout

Your ideal workout would be individualized. Programmed to your specific physical needs. Your flexibility, mobility and strength would need to be assessed before a proper workout could be devised. An exercise protocol would then be developed based on your weaknesses and strengths.

It sounds like a daunting task, and to be honest, it can be. If you are financially able to hire a great trainer, this is likely the best answer. Contact me if this is the case and I can send you some great recommendations!

Self Taught Workout Design

The other option is to do it yourself. There is a learning curve, no doubt. But, I would argue that it’s well worth it. Health and fitness play a huge role in quality of life. Any investment in this area ALWAYS makes sense.
Once you get a basic understanding of how your body should work. With some light self experimentation, it gets relatively easy to tailor your workouts for your own individual body.

If you are interested in this, stick around. This is precisely the type of information this blog will deal with.