SHS07: The Top 5 Reasons You Might Get Injured (Expanded)


Last week, I put out a sweet little infographic that layed out the top 5 predictors of injury. There was critical acclaim, well maybe not, but folks seemed to dig it. I did get a few questions via email though asking me to expand on these things. So, I turned on the mic and took a shot at explaining this stuff in detail.

In this episode:

– Rehash of the 5 biomarkers for injury

– Previous injury and why the state of our rehab industry may be to blame

– The importance of sorting through asymmetry issues

– A simple explanation of motor control and it’s role in injury

– How your BMI or being overweight contributes to pain and injury

– Why stupidity is a huge factor in injury and some examples of “stupid”

Hope you enjoy.


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