Health and Fitness: The Bare Minimum

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I get it. Not everyone is trying to max out their physical potential.

You have  different goals and ambitions. You may not need a high performing body. You may want to spend time on  more pressing things. Fair enough.

There is still a bare minimum. It’s the shape your body and health need to be in. It’s a goal everyone should have their sights on regardless of what they are pursuing.

Why? Because anything you do in life, any goals you set, have some dependency on your health and fitness level.

I could go into long winded examples. Try to show how health and fitness tie into almost everything. That would just give you something to poke holes in. A way for you to weasel out of the group that needs this “bare minimum”. Instead, I’ll leave you to your common sense.

What Is The Bare Minimum?

It’s the point at which your body and health are no longer the bottleneck. It’s the state you want to maintain to live a long healthy life.

The bare minimum does not mean washboard abs. It does not mean your athletic. You won’t look like a model. You’ll simply function properly and feel good.

It’s also the starting point. If you want to reach higher levels of performance, you’ve got to begin here.

3 Components of The Bare Minimum

  1. Decent Diet  – Your body must be given the proper fuel to function.
  2. Basic Movement – Your body must be able to efficiently move through the ranges of motion that you use everyday. Posture is important!
  3. Basic Strength and Endurance – You body needs basic strength and endurance necessary to perform everyday activities.

These 3 things are slightly unique to each individual. Meaning, a decent diet that helps you meet your bare minimum may not be the same for someone else. The same goes for movement and strength.

How To Get Started

  • You’ve got to buy in. If anything I’ve said does not register, please ask. I’m on twitter. We have to get you to a point where you realize how important this is. If you don’t understand WHY you need to do it, you’ll never take the time to discover  HOW to do it.
  • Let go of shortcuts.  There are none worth pursuing. I promise. Fitness and health changes are lifestyle choices. They are not 10 day juice fasts. They are not 30 day workout plans.  Any activity or habit that isn’t sustainable is rarely worth doing in the first place.
  • Find quality information.  It’s essential. See this article.

A primary goal of this website is to help all readers hit their bare minimum. Where you go from there is up to you.  Please don’t hesitate to touch base with me if you have any questions.