Self Myofascial Release for the Shin Muscles

This video goes over different techniques to help you with self myofascial release for muscles around the shin. Specifically, the muscles I’m refering too are the tibialis anterior and the peroneals. I tend to use 3 tools for this area, the theracane, my PVC roller and the TP Therapy Quadballer. I discuss different techniques with each … Read More

Self Myofascial Release for the Foot – Part 2

The second installment of self-myofascial release for the foot. In this video, I use the TP Therapy Quadballer on my foot. I show why it differs a bit from the ball. Check it out. If you have any suggestions, hit me up. I love to hear other tips and tricks. Full Transcript What’s up, everybody? Justin Hays here … Read More

Self Myofascial Release For The Foot

In this video, I discuss self-myofascial release for the foot using balls. I talk about… What balls I use Why a tennis ball is a good starting point How to progress over time to the lacrosse ball and golf ball What techniques are ideal when rolling the foot How to apply a bit more pressure … Read More

A Personal Story: Why Posture and Movement Are So Important to Me

Movement and posture matter. I’ve grown to understand how important are over the last few years. But it wasn’t always that way. I had to learn the hard way. Sometimes a serious problem is the only thing that forces you to take a step back and really attempt to understand. Had the issues I discuss … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Self Myofascial Release Tools

Self Myofascial Release Tools

Myofascial release has been game a changer for me. I’ve tried a slew of different techniques, tools, and practitioners over the years.  Although it’s tough to find a substitute for hands-on work, with the right tools, you can be very successful at treating yourself. There is a ton of self-myofascial release tools out there and the list … Read More

How To Change Your Behavior And Develop Healthy Habits

In the past, the idea of change on a larger scale was difficult for me to wrap my head around. My fitness and health goals would often seem overwhelming. There were so many things I needed to master to get the results I needed. I began to take a heavy interest in breaking things down. … Read More

Diet Results: Stop Thinking Short Term

I run into it all the time. People who believe they stumbled onto the answer. A shortcut to results. They haven’t. The conversation often goes something  like this… Random Person: “I’ve been using XYZ product/system and was wondering what you think of it” Me: “That product/system may produce short term results, but is far from … Read More

Your Guide to Understanding Myofascial Release

Trigger Point Chart

I refer to it as myofascial release. You may also hear it called trigger point therapy, soft tissue work or a number of other things. They all fall into a similar category and aim to accomplish the same thing. Myofascial release has been a game changer for me. It’s been one of the most important things … Read More