SHS04: The 80/20 of Fitness

  No, I’m not against the pursuit of awesome stuff. I don’t think awesome comes without a journey. That journey is mastery of the basics. Owning the basics will pave the way for high-end physical activity that you chase in the futre. It doesn’t seem to work the other way around though. In this podcast, … Read More

Functional Training Crash Course Part 5

Functional Training Mindmap

In this episode, I get into stability. Stability is the partner to mobility and they make up movement. Moving well is essential before getting into heavy strength training.   00:10 – Overview of prior parts 00:20 – Overview of stability 00:30 – The 3 things that assist with achieving stability 00:40 – Dynamic vs static … Read More

Functional Training Crash Course Part 4

In part 4 of the functional training course, I talk about mobility. The simple definition of mobility is the range of motion at any joint in your body. Mobility works with stability to create movement. 00:10 – Overview of prior sections 00:40 – Mobility vs Flexibility 01:05 – The two subcategories of mobility (hands-on and … Read More

SHS03: How to Master Breathing and Own the Foundation of Fitness

superhuman show

In episode 3 of the Superhuman Show, I’m back with Dr. Eric Dixon from Sportchiro+ in Edwardsville, IL to talk about breathing. In this episode, we cover the following – How to identify poor breathing – Why we develop poor breathing habits – How societal norms contribute to poor breathing – How to identify good … Read More

Functional Training Crash Course Part 3

Functional Training Mindmap

In part 3 of the functional training crash course, I talk about functional movement.  Here is a rundown of what’s in the video An overview of the previous sections Basic definition of mobility Basic definition of stability How stability and mobility work together to produce functional movement How functional movement paves the way for functional … Read More

Functional Training Crash Course Part 2

Functional Training Mindmap

In part 2, I discuss breathing more in-depth. This session will teach you: What good breathing is Basic exercises to initiate good breathing How breathing relates to movement and posture

Functional Training Crash Course Part 1

Functional Training Mindmap

This is the first part of the functional training crash course. Functional training is a subjective term, so I always like to say… this is just the basics that you need to understand to take care of yourself. Learn the basics of breathing, functional movement, and functional strength. Understand how they relate to each other. and … Read More

SHS02: The Universal Principles To Guide Your Fitness Journey

  I sit down with Dr. Eric Dixon of Sportschiro+ in Edwardsville, IL to talk about the principles of good fitness. Dr. Dixon has a exceptional strong background. He graduated from Logan University and spent a year interning under one of the best in the industry, Dr. Craig Liebenson. He then went on to start … Read More