The 7 Human Movement Patterns Simplified

The 7 human movement patterns will help you understand the basics of movement. They are the foundation on which your day to day body movements come from. The ability to perform these patterns properly is essential. Any issues with these patterns will inhibit your ability to perform anything that is asked of your body. Understanding … Read More

Squat vs Deadlift: What’s the Difference?

squat vs deadlift

There is much debate about the difference between the squat and the deadflift. However, it really all boils down to one significant difference…. In this video, you’ll learn – What to look for in a deadlift – What to look for in the squat – What’s the SIMPLE difference between the squat and deadlift – … Read More

SHS07: The Top 5 Reasons You Might Get Injured (Expanded)

  Last week, I put out a sweet little infographic that layed out the top 5 predictors of injury. There was critical acclaim, well maybe not, but folks seemed to dig it. I did get a few questions via email though asking me to expand on these things. So, I turned on the mic and … Read More

Injury Prediction: The Top 5 Predictors

Top 5 Injury Cover

Injury prediction can be a complicated bag. However, there are some strong correlations. I cooked up a simple graphic to help you understand the biggest predictors of injury. If any of these apply to you, you may to get things checked out before anything goes wrong!

SHS06: 7 Qualities Your Fitness Guru Should Have

I think we are at episode number 6… in this show I breakdown the qualities that your fitness expert should have. What I’m really getting at is, what things should you look for when deciding who to trust. There is lots of bullshit out there, seriously lots of it. These qualities can you help sort … Read More

A Visual Guide To Proper Deadlift Form

This infographic is just a basic visual how-to on how to perform a proper deadlift. Just me talking here…but I think it may be one of the better guides out there, especially considering it’s simplicity!

SHS05: 7 Tips to Maximize Your Mobility

We are on episode 5 and I’m going over 7 tips that I believe will improve and simplify your mobility training! I’ve come across almost every technique, tool, and exercise you can imagine. These 7 tips in this episode are what I believe universal good advice when it comes to mobility work. In this episode … Read More

Functional Training Crash Course Part 6

Functional Training Mindmap

The last installment of the functional training crash course. I go over strength and it’s importance¬†and relationship with all things fitness. In the video – Strength should be the focus after breathing and movement – Strength and stability and their relationship – Power, speed, endurance and hypertrophy overview and why strength must come first – … Read More