4 Nutrition Principles To Get You Started

Often, you’ll hear a range of claims from different diet programs or gurus. They need a unique message to sell to you. Some  may over-complicate things, some downright mislead you. This makes for alot of confusion. People get caught up in different concepts that have been marketed to them. It leaves them unsure what direction … Read More

Health and Fitness: The Bare Minimum

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I get it. Not everyone is trying to max out their physical potential. You have  different goals and ambitions. You may not need a high performing body. You may want to spend time on  more pressing things. Fair enough. There is still a bare minimum. It’s the shape your body and health need to be … Read More

The Problem With Information Sources and How To Fix It

Most of what you read or see about fitness and health is bullshit. The messages that reach you on a daily basis are largely marketing and hype. You know this. But still, it’s difficult to turn a blind eye or ear to it. They psychologically push all the right buttons. They say “unbelievable abs in 10 mins a … Read More

Movement, Strength and Skill…You Need Them All

Have you ever thought about how you walk? It seems like such a simple activity. And it is. But are you doing it properly? Think about the following questions… Which direction do your toes point in? Is one different than the other? Do your knees point in or out? Do your heels strike the ground? … Read More

Your Workout Sucks, Here’s Why

It wasn’t designed for you. It’s that simple. Your workout is likely a cookie cutter program. Something designed for the masses. The truth is, some of these programs do provide good information and decent workouts. But, they are far from ideal and can often be counter productive. Workouts Designed for the Masses are a Poor … Read More

Find Your Shortest Path To Success in Fitness and Health

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As a younger man, I fell to the hype. I’d see the latest workout trend and take a shot at it. Often times, I would be underwhelmed with the results I achieved. Largely because, I didn’t know exactly what results I wanted and what it took to get them. I wanted to look like the … Read More