7 Essential Training Principles

Fitness Qualities

There is a saying at the top of the fitness game. Methods are many, principles are few. If you were to look at what the best trainers and coaches in the world are doing, you would see a great variety of exercises, tools, environments, etc. You would also see a common set of training principles … Read More

Exercise Vs Training: What’s the Difference?

Exercise Vs Training

There is one simple difference when discussing exercise vs training. Exercising is done without a purpose while training is done with a purpose. Exercise is just random activity. It’s not organized or focused and doesn’t have a real goal in mind. Training is just the opposite. You can’t exercise AND expect results. Hopefully, you don’t fall into this … Read More

Why You Need to Move Well Before You Lift Heavy

Exercise Loads Effect On Learning

This is the number one roadblock I run into. I tell you to do pushups and they don’t understand you can’t just bench. I tell you to goblet squat and you don’t understand why you can’t load up the barbell and back squat. You may think about this as “regression”. Truth is, it could be … Read More

How To Organize Your Perfect Workout

How To Organize The Perfect Workout

A few weeks back, I posted a graphic showing you how to incorporate mobility and stability into your workout. Although it helped, it also brought some new questions into play. Questions related to the organization of the entire workout… So, I snapped a few more photos and banged out another graphic. This time, detailing the … Read More

How to Incorporate Mobility and Stability Into Your Workout

Mobility and Stability In Your Workout

I get these questions all the time… When do I do foam rolling? Before or after stretching? Do I really need motor control/stability work? This infographic aims to answer these questions in the simplest way I know how… visually! Most people have heard that mobility has to come before stability. The truth is, they actually … Read More

SHS08: What Exercise to Choose for Fat Loss (Expanded)

  Previously, I posted an infographic on the exercise choices for fat loss goals. It was well received but came with some questions. In this podcast, I aim to answer these questions and expand upon these exercise choices. Hope you enjoy! Here is the rundown of all the goodness – The importance of minimalism and keeping … Read More

Step by Step Flowchart to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

This is something I’ve been working on for some time. I often yammer about the importance of breathing, moving well and getting strong. However, I often struggle to show how it really fits into the big picture. Every time I go to explain, I would always think to myself “I wish I just had a … Read More

The 5 Most Important Factors For Fat Loss

This question comes up constantly. What type of exercise should I be doing if I want to promote fat loss? There is a common belief that “you can’t lose weight without cardio”. This just couldn’t be further from the truth. Low intensity, long duration exercise is not your ticket to quick weight loss. In fact, … Read More