SHS05: 7 Tips to Maximize Your Mobility

We are on episode 5 and I’m going over 7 tips that I believe will improve and simplify your mobility training!

I’ve come across almost every technique, tool, and exercise you can imagine. These 7 tips in this episode are what I believe universal good advice when it comes to mobility work.

In this episode
–  Brief overview of mobility
– The role of breathing in mobility
– Why mobility should work from the inside out
– Posture and the importance of it when stretching or myofascial release
– Why the BASIC myofascial release tools will probably do the job
– Why  test/retest is essential
– When to call a professional


Damian Ruse from Semi-Pro Cycling Podcast – Check out episode 44 of his show for some more good stuff on mobility

Kelly Starrett from MobilityWOD


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