SHS06: 7 Qualities Your Fitness Guru Should Have

I think we are at episode number 6… in this show I breakdown the qualities that your fitness expert should have. What I’m really getting at is, what things should you look for when deciding who to trust. There is lots of bullshit out there, seriously lots of it. These qualities can you help sort out the good from the bad.

In this episode I talk:

– Why these qualities are universal
– Low rate of injury and why it’s the most important quality
– Getting consistent results and in particular results that align with your goals
– Trainer’s should practice what they preach
– Why you should be training movement patterns instead of groups of muscle
– Why great fitness practitioners screen their client and establish movement baselines
– The importance of Exercise progressions and regressions
– Certifications aren’t as important as you would think… but still have value